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Set of 3 Ocean Flameless
Product Code#:FLBLUE_SET
3 Flameless Candles

Price US$39.90

 These are flameless SPA Candlettes.

3 Vanilla scented flameless candlettes, made from real rustic sea-blue wax.

It looks like a candle, feels like a candle, gives the ambiance of a candle, even smells like a candle but has no flame = it is the  Candlette™ from SPA Candles.

Our flameless candle (we call it Candlette™) is a battery powered wax candle made from real rustic wax.  New L.E.D technology creates the flicker of a warmly glowing candle.  SPA Candlettes are so realistic you'll have to look twice to realize there is no flame, therefore no potential hazard of fire. 

SPA flameless candle has 2 settings. One for candle flicker and one for color therapy feature.

  • No flame = no potential hazard of fire.
  • Kids & pets friendly
  • Reusable again and again
  • Environment friendly. 

The set has 3 size of candles:

  • 1 pc Size 10CM(H) * 8CM(D)/ 4" * 3.2". 
  • 1 pc Size 15CM(H) * 8CM(D)/ 6" * 3.2". 
  • 1 pc Size 20CM(H) * 8CM(D)/ 8" * 3.2". 

    Includes 3AAA battery. Batteries last about 100 hours and can easily be changed. 



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