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SPA Candles facilitate relaxation through a serene experience.

SPA Candles are the world's favorite relaxation candles, due to our advanced color therapy feature.  When giving gifts to that special someone, or just for your own relaxation, SPA Candles is the brand of choice.  

Our company was one of the first to make color therapy candles and we have shipped our products to all corners of the world.   SPA Candles is the market leader in color changing candle products which we achieved through innovation & design in addition to meeting stringent safety and environment standards.  Add to that the superior technology inside each SPA Candle which culminates in delivering what we ultimately aim for; Facilitating relaxation through a serene & ambient experience.

The secret behind the magical color change in the candle.

Each SPA Candle has our unique and environmentally friendly L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) at the base of the candle.  When lit, a clear optical sensor in the candle's wick relays a signal to the L.E.D. resulting in a smooth,soothing display of color changes within the candle. 





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